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Name: Michael Lee

DOB: 03.04.1981

Location: Seattle, WA

Occupation: Designer/Illustrator

Resume: Click to Download

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Raised military—moved around quite a bit. I like "design", Volkswagens, comics, books, prose/poetry, drums, hockey, some rugby, some street art/graffiti and records.


What was your favorite place to live?

I really liked living at Edwards AFB, I was about 10ish when we lived there... Seeing lots of jets and having the desert to play in was perfect. Who knows how I'd feel about it now but back then it was pretty exciting.


How did you get into Art/Design?

I think I've always been into Art, but I went to school for Printmaking and switched to Design my last year so I could pay the bills. Thanks to my brother for those program bootlegs.


What are you doing for work currently?

I manage the Lotus Family of brands, handling all their internal documents, Sales materials and Social media. It's fairly corporate but I enjoy the content creation aspects. Been learning a little video.

Do you have any personal projects going on?

I've always got ideas and things cooking but lately had a hard time getting to them. Few comic ideas, zines and paintings laying about. I started Design as a Weapon as an excuse to do political art.


What happened to your Clif and Miles & Milo comics? Yeahhh. Well. I don't know. I'll eventually bring them back.


What sort of records are you buying lately?

I think the last record I bought was the LIFES full length but I can't really remember. Fury - Failed Entertainment?


Anything inspiring you lately? Hmm. Ronald Wimberly's LAAB, Warwick Johnson Cadwell - anything he draws is gold. J Barber Studio - Great printmaker out of ATL. The Trap Set Podcast with Joe Wong. Cleon Peterson's last few years of work has been solid.